Monday, 3 September 2012

A Fresher Journal

Sadly I have given up (not by choice) my favourite title of all time... Fresher.

One of the best years of my life, but a year ago I was anxious, and like some of you reading, unsure about what university was to hold for me. I had no idea what to take, no idea what to do. Entering a new world, it was so exciting yet daunting.
Me on my way to move in!!

So here it is... for all the upcoming Freshers (congratulations to you all by the way).

Welcome to the world of university.

Work hard, play hard
A Fresher Journal!
Leaving home can be hard, especially if you've never been away from your parents. But take a few cute family pictures, home baked cookies and freeze some home cooked meals, teddies and whatever else you think will help you settle in more. When I packed I took everything, I didn't care if it wasn't going to fit because in my mind I would make it! I didn't care if I kept half of my wardrobe in the kitchen it was coming with me! But looking back it was silly, I was only a few hours away and could easily pop to the local shopping centre to pick up everything I needed, but I thought at the time I would be isolated and if I forgot anything it would be the end of the world. This is not the case (excluding Durham).

But for Freshers all I would recommend taking is a bottle of alcohol for your first night out, everybody loves the kid with the booze (and the chocolate so take some of that too!). Stack up your cupboards with echinacea, this even allowed me to survive two weeks of freshers and I've spent half my life with my head in a box of tissues. So invest in some echinacea, you often have no sleep as you have to get up early to register and do a few things involving *cough* work *cough*. Being ill wouldn't be too fun, keep your white blood cells strong!!

Your first one or two weeks is your time to shine. Make new friends, be a great host/hostess, throw flat parties and meet as many people as you can! We stuck little post it notes on all our blocks doors inviting them over! If you hate your flat mates, you're bound to find someone in your halls or corridor that you like and don't sleep with flatmates - you will regret it!

Also the Fresher's Fair! I went as I heard there was free dominos... They weren't lying! Get up and go to it! Join a few things, take everything that is free! You may not be poverty stricken yet as student loans come in, but you'll regret not taking that free mini marz bar one day! Join a few things, go to a few clubs, it's bonding time and you have nothing to lose and it's often a laugh!

There's a few things that I constantly use since being at university, one is a tesco clubcard! £2.50 in clubcard points is £10 at pizza express!! When my point come in it's the best thing ever! It feels like free lunch! Also Groupon, Living social, Student beans <---- A great bunch! They are amazing as student, we went to the cinema weekly for £1.80 because of Student Beans, deals everywhere! I check Groupon everyday, if you don't you need to start! I did a fun cupcake course through it in Birmingham it was £10 and I had the best day and brought back the best cupcakes ever (modest)! They got gobbled up by my flatmates in no time!

Best of luck to you all, don't panic!! Make as many friends as you can as you only have one Freshers!!
My little Fresher's room!! Home away from home!
And the fella I found outside my flat door... Don't be him!

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