Friday, 31 August 2012

Koh Phangnan - Thailand

Koh Phangnan

Our last week had come, and time for the Full Moon!!
Every day for a week up until the Full Moon is a party, we spent the week going out at 1am, drinking on the beach, watching sunrise, coming back at 8am for a kings breakfast, sleeping through the day and repeat! But when we were up, the beaches were all ours... 

Thailand Tips & FAQ

Food: Don’t eat the meat from the side of the road!!! It seems obvious but the chicken spring rolls for 20p when drunk are sometimes too good to resist. Eat… you die!

££££: People often ask how much it costs – 4 weeks cost me £1500 with flights. Accomodation is around 7/8 pounds a night, but we stayed in relatively nice places. Dinner can go from £2 for thai food to £5 for steak/fish/chicken. Clothes are very cheap!!

Beware of TukTuks, these are little motorised bicycle carriers! They try rip you off!! We fell for it :-(!! Try get cabs on the meter!! 

Phuket - We only dropped into Phuket over night on our way to Phi Phi, but general travelling rumour is that it isn't a great city but has amazing resorts!

Krabee - We also stopped off at Krabee for two nights, we stayed in 5* luxury for £8 a night, it's a bigger more empty island but is amazing for nice food, spas and lovely resorts! Cheap as chips!

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