Monday, 3 September 2012

A little fun food filled day!

Yesterday I decided a day trip was in order, to start off my blog! (Now becoming an amazing excuse)
So I dragged my boyfriend across London, of course he hates shopping so not much was accomplished. But we had some great food finds and a very fun giggly day out!

One of our first stops was to Borough Market, I decided to drive and one of the best things is that it has its own little parking lot! Ideal if just popping out for lunch!

If you love eating, it is the place to go. Little stalls have been set up by people who love to cook, but most likely can't afford a restaurant but just enjoy life doing what they do. Being ultra friendly and feeding people! It means the prices are low, and the food is unbelievable quality and of course the taste is out of this world!

It's a lovely experience, just for a walk around to explore and smell and taste the different flavours and cuisines given by the market, I love tasting everything and there is a lot to try and to take home to stock the cupboards with, from chillies to turkish delight!

We settled with a lamb burrito and some chicken gyozas both were fresh and full of flavour!! I could've eaten everything there but we had planned a big dinner out!!

Giant Meringues!

Mini dutch pancakes!

Would definitely recommend Borough Market, especially if your in London, for weekly groceries, little gifts or lunch! WARNING: Prepare to be insanely full - too good to resist :)!

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