Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Break Up Remedy

One of my beautiful best friends has just split up with her boyfriend.

It's always very sad, end of an era, but she's the best so we know she will be perfectly fine. As soon as we found out (late at night whilst in bed in our pjs), we set out on adventure to cheer her up.

We grabbed our eggs, black hoodies and headed to his flat.

Nooo we aren't hooligans! Just to Sainsburys to get all the necessary goodies needed...

We go weekly late at night in our pj's so they aren't shocked anymore.


I even planned on offering her Shecky (in the picture) my favourite teddy, but last minute decided I would have a sad night without him if I did!

She cried when we gave it to her.

Nobody knows how to mend a broken heart better than the girls.

P.S. I now have a hot single friend, I have high standards for her though - only the best.

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