Monday, 3 September 2012

Meat Liquor

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Big, juicy, succulent burgers, giant onion rings and salty chips. Its hipster crockery, no plates just steel oven trays lined with crepe paper. And you tuck right in, greasy fingers mopped up with kitchen towel.

Yup, it's real!

It's a burger n booze kind of joint, basic seating, street art covering the walls, edgy, dark and very buzzy. We were lucky enough to be seated straight away (7pm on a Sunday), but there are no reservations so you may have to que. It's intimate and cosy and the menu is simple. There's a range of around 10 burgers to choose from, I opted for the deep fried chicken burger which was crispy, sweet and mouthwateringly good whilst my date went for the cheeseburger! I had a bite, delicious but I preferred mine :-)!

There's also a variety of assorted sides, including tangy buffalo chicken wings, deep fried pickles and chilli cheese fries as well as a selection of what they called 'rabbit food' which included slaw and killer onion rings!!

Unfortunately I didn't take many photos of my food, nor did I say much as we scoffed it down pretty quick with a few mouth full mumbles of "so good". You have to head down here, great burgers, atmosphere and it only came to £25 for the two of us. Pretty sinful but will most be definitely returning, with a bigger appetite too!

You can find their address on the website here !! Enjoy! And tell me what you think!!

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