Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mykonos - Part 2

Blessed with another day of beautifully clear skies we visited another of Mykonos' famous beaches, Psarou beach. We lounged at a famous, more luxurious and upmarket beach bar, Nammos - the only place in Greece exempt from the water cap, charging €6 a bottle! It's a beautiful beach, clean, clear water and a lovely, buzzy atmosphere. We soaked up the sun as chilled music played in the background whilst chatting and giggling the hours away. 

Mykonos Nammos

Tan came along nicely and we had a few little dips to cool down! Lots of small boats dock at the beach and we even saw a fresh catch of fish being brought in. Unfortunately I wasn't able to snap my camera in time! And it changed my mind on the thought of having fish for lunch (R.I.P).

There is a little spa with lots of treatments and a restaurant where we dined at!

They serve a large range of food, sushi, greek delicacies, grilled meats and fish as well as a huge but extortionate beverage menu!

^ Outrageous :-O!!
I ate my weight in chicken! 

Nammos mykonos

Highly recommend Nammos, for couples and groups, you can have a relaxing time there and unwind or if you choose to go later on in the day you get the party atmosphere. The food was mouth-wateringly good and the waiters made you feel like royalty, mopping you up and constantly ensuring everything was 100% - I thought they would've known by my constant smile! The price of beds changes depending on the season but we were charged €30 for the two and our lunch came to around €60. We had a delightful day out and was worth every penny!

Being too fidgety and not being able to sunbathe for much longer we headed into town. We strolled around and indulged ourselves with the best ice-cream ever - bananana, hazelnut and cheesecake flavours!!!

We stopped past Little Venice, a strip of little resturants and shops on the water edge, it has to be visited on a trip to Mykonos and I highly recommend a little resturant called Katerinas!

little venice mykonos

As well as Mykonos' famous windmills...

windmills mykonos

And headed back to our hotel to chill out till the evening. For dinner we found a cute, romantic italian resturant, all wooden, low cielings and smiley staff with a great ambience! The pasta was made fresh in the resturant and the menu was hugeee!! Every possible pasta and a huge variety of fillings, sauces and toppings. After a lot of Greek food it was a perfect break, the restaurant was called Pasta Fresca and is located somewhere in the maze of Mykonos town!

Italian at its best. 
As always we ordered way too much, eyes bigger then our tummys! But luckily I can get away with it and pass half my dinner to my gorgeous boyfriend!

Dessert was not planned or needed, but this couldn't be resisted.

One of my new found favourite places. One needs to be opened in London - if anyone opens one I assure you just my purchases could keep the business open! Not like your normal boring frozen yoghurt, you fill it with whatever and however much yoghurt and toppings you desire. They had the best flavours, cheesecake, chocolate cake, blueberry.... Plus the best toppings ever, I know it defeats the point of frozen yoghurt being healthy, but it's all about the toppings!

I piled my HUGE yog with tons and tons naughty toppings and gobbled it all up.

We returned back to our candles all being lit inside and on the terrace and a very cute note. Unfortunately anymore food would be too much to handle...


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