Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mykonos - Part 3

Sadly our last day had come, we got up extra early and were in luck with gorgeous weather, boiling hot with little wind - ideal for snorkelling!!! We got picked up to go on our little trip by a company called GoDive, the guys were so friendly and it was a great recommendation booked for us through our hotel. We were taken to a beach on the North of the island, Lia beach, where we got kitten up in snorkelling gear from head to toe! I particularly liked the big flippers!

We were jetted off to little caves and enormous rocks surrounded by coral and rockpools where we snorkled around and saw some unbelievable fish as well as picturesque views. I felt like a little mermaid - but in the ugliest costume ever!

Mykonos Caves

We had a lot of fun messing around with my underwater camera!

"Help! I'm drowning!"

After turning into prunes we stripped down to bikinis and trunks to dry off and sunbathe on the boat for a few hours before heading back to land.

Having had an amazing day we got dropped back and soon headed out into town for our last dinner in Mykonos, back to Avra!

We had a perfect evening, I had a whole Seabreem whilst my boyfriend enjoyed the Thai Curry! Sorry no photos of the food, it was a fairytale dinner and I didn't think about my camera!

We had lots of dessert though... I actually felt ill for a good half an hour and have returned home as a baby whale - it was so worth it though!

Best banoffee pie!!
Last yog :-(
We did some last minute present shopping and also witnessed a Mykonos blackout - which is apparently normal - as mid-purchase the whole island experienced a power-cut so we walked around in total darkness for 20 minutes! 

We woke up to say our goodbyes to the beautiful, romantic island of Greece as well as the Rocabella.

Rocabella Mykonos
Rocabella Mykonos

We thanked the amazing staff, and sulked our way home :-(. I would definitely recommend the hotel, it's beautiful, perfectly clean, amazing location and the staff at reception and the drivers were unbelievably sweet and attentive making our stay extra special! Will definitely be returning! Website can be found here.

The best trip ever. 


  1. Beautiful! Looked like an amazing, fun trip :)

  2. I am so in love with the BEAUTIFUL Greece. Lovely photos!


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