Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mykonos - Part 1

We spent our first day in Mykonos at one of the nicest beaches, Platys Gialos, at a well known, calm and unprotentious beach bar, Avli Thou Thodori. It's a large open restaurant that overlooks the beach with lots of comfy sunbeds outside. The beach itself is in a little horseshoe cove, which meant there was little wind and still perfectly clear water!

We sunbathed and swam in the sea for a few hours, lots of attempted dunking, hunted for the best fish (stole restaurant bread and threw it in - the fish love it!!) and canoodled whilst working on our sun-kissed look!

We even snuck into a few private villas to have a browse!... One day...

After working up an appetite (from all the swimming) we sat down for a lovely lunch at Avli! The menu is huge, we had a pasta and fish for mains and both were delicious as well as sharing some Greek delicacies! The waiters there were amazing, so friendly and at your service non-stop. 

Zucchini Fries!

After a few more hours in the sun nursing our food comas we headed back to our hotel. Played a few games of kalooki, and headed out into Mykonos town for the night.

My hand! World champion in the making!
Mykonos town is quite similar to Santorini, but much bigger making it pretty much a maze! It's full of little Tavernas, upmarket boutiques and a few designer shops as well as clubs and bars. We've come at the perfect time, just at the end of peak season, the streets aren't crowded but are not dead either and the crowd tends to be older/homosexual couples, both so friendly!

Not many dogs :-(

We had our first dinner in a little garden terrace, covered in flowers and lit up by tea candles. It's called Avra Resturant and is in the center of town. I found it on trip advisor and it couldn't be more charming. We fell in love with the resturant and have planned to go back on our last night. We arrived at around 7.30, this being very early for Mykonos we basically had the whole resturant to ourselves.

We had a Mousakka to start with, a traditional Greek dish, made up of a beef, aubergine and tomatoe base with a creamy, 'mousse-like' top. Since we found it we've had it in every resturant for lunch and dinner, all chefs have their secret and extra ingredients, Avra however remains the best! I purchased a little Greek cookbook and will definitely be attempting the Mousakka!!

I had the Avra Salad - avacado, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes! My boyfriend went for the chicken oriental, both delicious!

By the time we finished our mains the restaurant was starting to fill up, everybody was loving it there and all their meals looked SO good! The atmosphere was dreamy and the buzz of the town seemed to quieten down as everyone seated was in their element.

We shot back our complimentary limoncello and headed off into the town to walk off our dinners!

We got scammed into buying this!

Greek honey balls!! 
Almond shortbread 
After yet another perfect night and day we came back, dipped into our little private jacuzzi, star gazed and fell fast asleep!

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