Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Yesterday I met one of my girlfriends in London for some last minute shopping before I whizz off to Greece. But a much needed catch up was in order first, we wanted somewhere near the shops, cheap, tasty and quick. And boy did we find it.

Vapiano is a 30 second walk from Topshop Oxford Circus, on Great Portland Street. We walked in, to a modern, open resturant, to be greeted and given a little chip card. Signs for 'Pizza', 'Pasta' and 'Salad' hung from the cielings at different areas of the open resturant. We opted for the salads, which were light , fresh and made to fit you! They cooked my chicken on a tepanyaki in front of me, and gave me a choice of dressings to try and choose from aswell as bread as an accompaniment.

(Excuse the picture quality I used my phone!!)

The pasta had a variety of 10 different types to choose from, I only knew about 3 of them - they included pappardelle, penne, conchigile, campanelle (for all you pasta connoisseurs out there)! There was also a view of the pasta factory showing they made it fresh in store. After you had chosen the type of pasta you fancied you had a choice of around 20 different sauces and meats you could have, including duck breast, beef tenderloin, chicken, different stuffings for ravioli, as well as a variety of veg and cheese!

The pizzas were handmade and cooked in a big open oven and all topping could be chosen, you would be then given a buzzer to collect your pizza once it was cooked. You got to see exactly what went into your dish and choose basically any topping you wantl! The pizzas looked huge, mansize! Necessary and good persuasion if you do what I do and take the men around to hold the bags!

After you had ordered your food they swiped your pin card you help yourself to a tray and cutlery and sit down on either bar stools, tables of big comfy couches! Upstairs also had a bar and extra seating, we had no problem finding a seat and were served our food almost immediately!

After gossiping away for an hour, we were out in 2 minutes, scanning your card on the way out and even recieving some gummy bears!! It's around £10 per person extremely reasonable, prime location and a quick tasty lunch!

They have two locations Great Portland Street and Southwark Street, you can find their menu and more info on their website here!


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