Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Little Cuppa'

The Sanderson is situated right in the middle of the West End, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of manic shoppers. On entry you are immediately whisked away into another world. A peaceful, beautifully decorated open lobby with spectacular artwork and furniture. 

We were greeted and gestured towards an outdoor, garden courtyard. Tranquil and spectacular.


Courtyard The Sanderson

After being seated we started with cocktails I opted for the 'Lucid Spark' - vanilla vodka, apple juice and elderflower cordial.  My mum opted for 'The Vivid Hour' - raspberry vodka and strawberry liquer shaken with grapefruit. A few sips and she claimed she couldn't feel her arms, couldn't keep up with my student ways. 

We were told very little about our tea that was to come, just that we could order as much as we wanted on the menu. But what was brought to our table was not your traditional English afternoon tea. Instead we were wrapped up in a bizarre world, a flurry of odd, assorted, beautifully presented sweet treats and savoury snacks. 

Mad Hatters Tea at The Sanderson

We were served rainbow-coloured finger sandwiches, smoked slamon and cream cheese on green spinach bread as well as cucumber and black pepper on beetroot bread were on the palate. 

Mad Hatters Tea at The Sanderson

A tiny little bottle which hung a 'Drink Me' tag, three different tastes in each small sip consisting of passion fruit jelly, coconut pana-cotta and exotic foam. 

Bizarre lollipops one that turned your mouth from hot to cold and another that exploded with praline icecream in one bite.

As well as little goodies we were given soft clotted cream and sweet jam to smother onto buttery scones.

A mutual favourite, bright pink strawberrles and cream 'Eat Me' shaped heart.

Afterwards we were offered a huge selection of hot drinks and amazing herb teas, Flowering Jasmine that blossomed as we drank it.

This excited us.

Afternoon Tea London

We hopped back into a black cab hoping to fall down the rabbit hole once more. It was our fairytale afternoon tea in wonderland. You can find this gastronomic delight here, The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Sadly they have a no fancy dress policy otherwise I would be returning dressed up as Alice.

Outside The Sanderson


  1. this is so beautiful! The Alice in wonderland-esque drinking bottles had me weak at the knees. Next time I find myself in the area (or country,even) I'll have to check this place out! Great post : )

    1. Thank you! Was amazing you have to go!


  2. This looks amazing, everything is literally blowing my mind! The flowering Jasmine is so cool. I'm looking it up now xxx

  3. Oh my god this looks fantastic! I love afternoon tea, I love Alice in Wonderland, this is like my idea of heaven! xx

  4. How adorable are both of you. Love your style, and these photographs! All of those treats look delicious!
    xo TJ


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