Sunday, 21 October 2012

An Instagram Weekend

I've had an extremely chilled out weekend, sadly most of my house went back home but I had a work overload so stayed up in Birmingham.

I wrapped up warm

had a peppermint tea with a touch of honey- dreamy drink

And headed out to the library.
 I thought it was going to be awful without my girls or boyfriend stuck thinking about all the adventures I could be having. 

But bizarrely I had the best weekend, I did spend most of my days in the library but I had a huge bag of pick n mix to get me through. And I've decided I like it in there - not embarrassed by my nerdy ways - I go for 8 hours, spend 3 hours with my head in my books, 2 hours browsing the internet, 2 hours people watching and 1 hour going for little strolls around campus.

I'd leave before it got dark pick up some fruit from the market and groceries and head back home to pamper myself, bake and catch up on all the series I fell asleep halfway through during the week. Snuggle into bed, with a hot drink, my fluffy socks and everything is just perfect.

I also got stuck into a new book I purchased. I read my first of JoJo Moyes' books in Thailand 'Me Before You' - I sobbed for a good hour on a jam-packed bus. A nice cry though, hugely recommended!

A little bit of pampering

and baking of course - Auntie Anne's pretzels!
 Much easier then I thought and were scrum-diddly-umptios.

Some classic student dinners,

Fluffy socks,

Favourite teddies - shecky and shelly

And my cosy bed which I happily retired to.

Sometimes a little bit of 'me' time is what we all need!

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