Monday, 29 October 2012

Every man needs a good steak

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are getting into the Halloween spirit. I popped back to London on Saturday night for the celebration of Joe's parents silver wedding anniversary.

We celebrated at one of London's most well-known steakhouses, Goodman.

Steakhouse London Goodman

It's a low lit, luxurious open room steakhouse with a lively atmosphere. Plump men in smart suits - one to add to the lists of hangouts for single ladies looking for a husband to be... - couples and families sat around spacious, dark mahogany tables and leather booths chatting the night away and eating mammoth size steaks.

We were greeted by a sweet chatty young man as well as a a thoughtful complimentary bottle of champagne for the occasion. Before we ordered we were shown a huge plate full of different raw cuts of meat. We all took a stake in the steak... and not to disappoint...

Huge, tender steaks were brought to our table, with delicious sides too - truffle chips, mac n cheese, creamed spinach and honey glazed carrots to name a few!

No worrying about my iron intake for a while! Plates wiped clean we finished off with some sweet cinnamon sugar covered doughnuts served with a cup of coffee cream.

Steakhouse London Goodman - Dessert

After a perfect dinner I wanted to see the meat! (I wouldn't recommend doing this before the meal) and some of you may want to stop reading now. 

We were taken downstairs to see their in house dry aging room.

I'm a huge animal lover, and I did ask if the cows were looked after. He assured me that they lived happy lives and also told me some ate corn and some ate grass. He obviously knew his meats and explained to us all the in's and outs. All I could say was that my steak tasted good!

Say hello to the chefs....

The steaks are cooked in big specialist charcoal ovens to help retain flavour.

Steakhouse London Goodman - Kitchen, Chefs
Steakhouse London Goodman - Kitchen, Chefs

Amazing food but an even nicer evening, fingers crossed I will too be happily married after 25 years!


  1. Looks like you had an incredible time!
    One of my favourite bloggs :)

  2. love Goodmans mmm! xxx

    p.s. get rid of the text u have to type to prove that you're not a robot!

  3. I just found your blog & its great! You are so beautiful!


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