Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Friday!

So, I've officially settled into my new little student house in Birmingham. It's been a (Re)Freshers month. My favourite thing about Fresher's is that it's the one time of the year everybody wants to be your friend. I've made countless friends on nights out, discussed how, "we are going to be friends forever", paid for their drinks, takeaway and cabs home to see them awkwardly the next day on campus. 

After a while it takes its toll, the echinacea stops working its magic and the work load starts to pile. This is my current situation. So I'm extremely excited to be popping home for the weekend, fresh sheets, hot baths and my amazing family.

A little lowdown on my last week:

Popped to Nottingham with a huge homemade cake for my best friends birthday.
Crushed Kinder Bueno!

Made the best pancakes ever, got adventurous with the chocolate bits.
The chocolate went so milky, stacked them high and they were devoured. These pictures don't do them justice but I didn't want them to get cold!

Quick Student Recipe: One egg beaten, 200ml of milk, pinch of salt and sugar, add self raising flour depending on how thick you want them to be.The less flour you add, so the more liquid the thinner and the more easily you'll be able to spread the mixture over your pan. Gloopy so it slowly falls off your spoon = thick American diner style pancakes these need more flour (Full recipe and more ideas on pancakes will have to wait for Pancake Day!!)

Visited a little pub in Birmingham called Trocadero for lunch with my boyfriend, had delicious crispy chicken noodle bites. Never had anything like it before but they were scrumptious! As well as the hugest meals ever...

Danced the nights away with my beautiful friends.

Lots of hilarious, spontaneous nights to remember, I even jumped behind the counter to make my own subway. Steak and cheese I look like I was thoroughly enjoying myself.

And now heading back up to London with lots of fun weekend plans ahead. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend, any exciting plans?


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