Tuesday, 9 October 2012

It's Soooshi Time

I'm feeling a little like an Asian chef in the making, but seeing as I got loads of positive feedback from my Spring Roll Recipe post I thought I'd give you all a little demonstration on how to make sushi. It's super easy, and cheaper then buying it out as well as a lot of fun! I'm also a huge anti-supermarket sushi person, I find the rice hard, the fish tasteless so I prefer to go buy the ingredients and whip it all up myself!

My step-by-step guide
You will need:
Sushi Rice
Rice Mirin, Rice Vinegar or Rice Seasoning
Sushi Nori
One Sushi Rolling Mat
A Pot with a Lid
A Sharp Knife
Clean Hands!

The filling (Optional):
Fresh, Raw Salmon, Tuna.
Cooked Prawns, Crab, Duck, Chicken.
Vegetables: Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber.
Cream cheese, Mayonnaise.

Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Ginger - Condiments.

Choose from the above to suit your taste

First is the rice, arguably the most important bit. You can make as much as you want, one cup of rice will give you enough sushi for yourself and maybe a little bit to keep for the next day.

1. Take your sushi rice and place it in a seive, run cold water through it several times. Boil 330ml of water for every cup of rice you use (these instructions will be on the back of your sushi rice packet and boiling time often differs depending on what rice you get)

2. When your water is boiling place the rice into the saucepan and turn it down to simmer and place the lid on top, leave to simmer for approximately 12 minutes. Then turn off the hob but leave the lid on for 20 minutes, stirring it every so often. After this you can take the lid off. You want your rice to be luke warm, this is when it is best. So leave it to cool for around 20 minutes with the lid off.

3. Season your rice, one cup of rice needs around two tablespoons of rice mirin, rice vinegar or sushi rice seasoning. Any can be brought in large supermarkets in the world food section (my favourite section)!

4. Start cutting up your sushi fillings. Everything should be sliced finely. With fish ensure it is completely fresh. It cannot be brought from a grocery store, you need to go to your local fish monger and ask for salmon sashimi! My local fish monger is a lovely man and I even get him to slice the salmon finely for me as I don't like using sharp knives - or call in the men to do this, they love it, I think it makes them feel powerful.

5. Now it's time to get serious. The different types of sushi rolls.

The Temaki

The handroll. This is the crucial part. Lay your sushi rolling mat out and place one sheet of sushi nori down cut it in half length ways, take a handful of sushi rice and roll it into a ball.

Push down your sushi rice into the shape of a right angled triangle leaving around 1cm on either side.

Place your fillings on top, traditional temaki fillings include - salmon and avocado, duck, tuna, crispy salmon skin, crab mayo, cooked meat and prawn.

Fold over the bottom corner

Now for the tuck.  
Tuck the corner as far in as you can whilst folding the top right hand side corner round.

Seal your temaki with a tiny bit of rice.

Et voila!


1. Spread your rice around three inches thick leaving one inch of space on the edge close towards you.

Place your filling down the middle keeping it thin

And roll using your mat. You will then need a sharp knife to remove the excess seaweed or scissors. Squeeze tightly so it holds together.

Now use a sharp knife, dip it into boiling hot water so it will slice through the sushi more easily and cut into one inch pieces.

Serve with soya sauce, wasabi, ginger whatever you fancy!

Chopsticks must be used!

Try it with a date or best friend you're sure to have a giggle your first few times attempting to do it. But it will taste good even if it's a bit messy! 
Good luck!


  1. Hi Kelly~ Your how to photos look so scrumptious!
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