Monday, 1 October 2012

One Month Blogging

September - my first month of blogging - flew by, it was crazy, full of laughter and excitement.

I've found amazing new products, ideas and websites in my hours spent browsing the web and never knew before how big and diverse the blogging world is. I also never expected it to be this fun, my blog has become like my second boyfriend; I get a little buzz when my hit counter goes up and compile lists of quirky restaurants I'm desperate to visit, recipes I'm longing to bake and things to do - all with and for my blog!!

So, here are a few websites I've come to love and not be able to live without.

1. Pinterest

If you've never heard of nor used Pinterest document this date and time now. Sign up and prepare to be whisked off your feet into a sensational visual world. As well as the unavoidable fall into addiction.

It's a place to store your wildest dreams, gather ideas and inspire yourself. A huge community of individual tastes, content and tons of beautiful things.


You can reflect how you feel and who you are through your boards, plan weddings, decorate homes, organise your favourite recipes, store gift ideas. Here are a few of my boards:

Food Porn:

Dream home:

Fashion Fun:


So, take a browse through a few of my boards. And sign up, but know the potential consequences - potential divorce, obsession, tiredness and many more - but all so worth it.

2. Fancy

Second is a a new one that has sprung - Fancy. I found this app on my iPhone. It's a website that brings together different gadgets, presents and gifts, you click on the category you want to browse and your blasted with a huge range of different, cool and out of this world products, which you can buy straight from the website.

Fancy App

One day I will get this...

In the mean time... this compensates...

It's great if your stuck to get presents or if you 'fancy' something unusual for yourself!

Click here f you'd like to join,
and here to have a look at my Catalog.
You can also download the app onto your iPhone.

3. Bloglovin'

If you enjoy reading blogs you can see how huge the network is. You can easily find blogs on everything once you've signed up here, you don't need to have your own blog to do so! Personal, fashion, DIY, home decor, architecture.. the lot! It's full of a range of peoples thoughts and a little peek into unbelievable lifestyles!

4. PunchFork

I love a good recipe and this made my taste buds cry when I found it late at night in bed.

Punch Fork


It gives Jamie Oliver a a run for his money. The ultimate source for recipes have a browse here! You'll be spending a week in the kitchen!

6. Stumbleupon

Lastly, this is amazing for students and if your looking to waste time but also expand your general knowledge. You enter the sort of things your into, from Art to Politics. You click the 'Stumble' button as many times as you like and every time it redirects you to random, interesting websites to browse!

I'm sure this probably shows you how much and how good I am at procrastinating.

I'm actually currently at the back of a lecture hall writing this.

It's been one month and my blog comes first :-). I have good plans for Octobers blogs!



  1. Welp, I just read through your whole blog and I love it! You're so gorgeous and I am very very jealous of your travel adventures. Like really jealous, haha.

    Love this post - I feel like I'm going to be doing a lottttttt of procrastinating with #6 haha I don't know if I should thank you for that one or not......


  2. Thank you nicole!! I read through yours too, Unbelievable food porn and cutest doggy!!


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