Friday, 19 October 2012

Ultimate Hangover Cure

My house has always hosted the sleepovers, for years I've had my girls stay over after heavy nights out. We'd wake up giggling about our antics the night before and spend the day wrapped up in bed watching films. But one thing was crucial, a hangover remedy. The time would come when we would finally venture downstairs, we'd huddle round the fridge and then the cooking would commence.  Nothing did it better then 'grub', it had to be stodgy, salty and greasy - so wrong, but so right.

We would cook up a feast, the diets would be out the window and we would become men for an hour or two. 

This year I've found a new cure...

A soft roll, toasted for a bit of crunch, fried egg keeping the yolk soggy, grilled sausages, salty onion rings and any meat your fridge has to offer - they will be permanent ingredients for me from now on.

It's a winner, a real hunk of a sandwich, rough and tough. Perfect for every man and the naughty women out there.

Guaranteed brownie points if you rack up two. If this doesn't hit the spot, nothing will. 

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