Monday, 5 November 2012

Big Easy

If you fancy popping to America for lunch to pig out on 'awesome', reasonable food, there is no need. Right on the edge of King's Road, Chelsea, is a two-floor intimate restaurant and they've got the American diner right down to the T. 

You'll receive gigantic delicious portions, amazing service and a lot of eye candy. It's cosy, business cards and pictures cover the walls along with big chalk boards telling you the days special. It's in another league to American diners in London (Hard Rock & TGI's) and inexpensive, especially for its location.

We arrived at 2 on a Sunday, and it was already buzzing, with no reservation we were told to wait 30 minutes, of course not a problem with the shops on King's Road. If you don't fancy browsing the local shops they do offer you a drink at the bar and nibbles whilst you wait.

When we returned It was still packed but we were greeted by a bunch of fun, charming waiters and quickly seated at dark wooden tables covered in typical American red and white checked plastic sheets. The menu was huge, a meaty delight - burgers, ribs, steak, seafood, fajitas and salads. But the portions were even bigger. 

I had a 2lb fresh maine lobster, a plump beast covered in lemon and butter.
My mum opted for the jumbo prawns (they were definitely jumbo). 

Both were insanely tasty, although I did see a few burgers being served and decided at the sight that I will most definitely be returning.

It's the sort of meal where at the end you lean back, unbutton your jeans and rub your belly. 

American dining at its finest.

We gorged ourselves and the bill came to £45
And also the one thing I love more than food is a bargain on food. All you can eat nights for £15 on fajita, shrimp and steak and lobster night all info is on their website here

My suggestion? It's definitely worth checking out, for a first date - you'll have tons to talk about - or a catch up with a friend the atmosphere suits it all.

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  1. Oh gosh, you are absolutely adorable, girl! That last shot is perfect! And that food looks scrumptious!
    xo TJ


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