Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Birthday Slumber Party

My girls.

We grew up together,
Snuck out of the house and replaced our bodies with pillows together.
Stayed up till 5am the night before exams cramming together.

You name it I'm sure we've done it together.

However, since leaving school we lead our own lives at different universities all across the country. But we have not grown apart. At every chance we seize the opportunity to rekindle our love and remain as thick as thieves.

We are definitely in no way normal, so for my birthday I got all the girls together for a huge dinner in our pjs (with my dogs), movies, wine, late night chats, giggles and massage trains!

After demolishing our dinner and dessert - mum's famous banana chutney chicken went down a treat - and having a little too much wine we grabbed whatever quilts, duvets and pillows that we could find and cuddled up with popcorn watching chick flicks.

We didn't end up watching that much of the films they were interrupted by drunk chatter and massage trains. Incase some of you are unsure what I mean by a massage train, it has been our little tradition for years.

We sit in a long train, and you massage the person in front. We all know who is the best and the worst so there's often squabble over places to sit. The person at the front obviously gets it good not massaging anyone and the sucker at the back does all the hard work. Therefore every minute (it's often timed and extremely precise) the person from the front of the train runs to the back. This is somewhat of a perfected art of ours.
(excuse the picture quality, I was getting a good massage so I didn't grab the camera)

I got bundled at midnight with birthday cheer and a few deep chats from my drunk friends how 'this is the decade that dictates your life', I weeped a little and we carried on doing what we do best till the early hours.

The next morning we hurried downstairs, for presents, more cake and a little brunch.

No matter where life takes me, and how rich I become (hello euromillions tonight) nothing will beat a night in with my girls.


  1. that nice party happy birthday! great blog and I follow you!
    kisses from mexico :D


  2. wwow the birthday cake looks delicious <3 Great blog dear! Check out mine?


  3. this really looks like the perfect birthday!
    wish u all the best!!


  4. I love this post, this is such a great idea!! who says we always have to celebrate birthdays doing grown up stuff! it gives me flashbacks of all of those great slumber parties I attended as a kid :)

  5. wow, what a nice birthday party.. you'll look great.. by the way, follow your blog. hope you check mine back thanks..

  6. That is so cute! I have such great memories of girls' nights like that. Except that we didn't have an awesome viewing screen like that!


  7. These pictures are so cute! Sounds like you girls had a blast! Happy Birthday darlin:)! I'm following you now on GFC and bloglovin! Check out my blog if you'd like! Thanks:)!

    Rita @ www.CoastWithMe.com

  8. Aww, this is lovely! Now I'm craving a girl's night like this!


  9. Beautiful photos!!! and nice blog!!!
    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  10. Nice Photos!!!

    A new follower,


  11. Your dogs are so cute!
    What kind of dog are they?

    XO Arezu

  12. Looks like such a fun night, and a very happy belated birthday to you gorgeous! :-)

    Vanessa x

  13. This was such a fun post! I loved getting to see how much fun ya'll had! Happy belated birthday! I'm following back from The Eyeliner Manifesto! Have a lovely week!



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