Saturday, 3 November 2012

Funfair and Fireworks

I forgot how much I love November, the crunch when walking on fallen leaves, christmas decorations starting to be put up, my birthday (which we won't talk about - as I will no longer be a teenager) and bonfire night.

Birmingham couldn't get it more right. A funfair and fireworks!

Two pairs of tights under my jeans, fluffy socks, animal mittens, a head band and a thick wooly scarf and my toes and nose still froze, but it was so worth it. And I have a little tip for you - tumble dry an old long sleeve top before you go out and put it on underneath your clothes, it'll keep you warm for hours.

I did feel like a child again, I knew I couldn't run from ride to ride so I just walked around in my own little world staring at the big lights. We came early to have a go on some of the rides.

Of course no funfair is complete without candyfloss

Watched a few people win teddies in those verging on impossible games, however, there were no goldfish to be won otherwise my room would currently be an aquarium!

The one place where I can be an awful driver and not be criticised for it...

Nobody messes with me on the road :-)

My favourite bar girl Soph :) hard at work

And time for the fireworks, they were amazing. I forgot how much I loved them. We stood huddled in a huge group of people, as the little rockets lit up the sky. I was so dazed for most of it so excuse the bad photos.

The fireworks photos just don't do it justice, we had a very fun night, lots of giggles so thank you Guy Fawkes! We got home frozen, snuggled up together by the TV with hot drinks doing what we do best.


  1. looks like lots of fun! love your wintery outfits :)

  2. looks like you had an amazing time!:)
    xx Kate


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