Friday, 23 November 2012

Kelly Claus

I am a christmas nut, I'm obsessed with everything about christmas. I'm not embarrassed It just comes with being a perfectionist and when it comes to buying presents for people It can take me an eternity. I'm forever looking for little thoughtful gifts, and when I find the perfect present my own little christmas bells start ringing. So with nearly one month to go till christmas I've complied a little gift guide, I hope there's something in here that tickles your fancy!

Whilst the shops start to get manic, the traffic gets crazy, everything starts selling out and hopefully some snow will keep us tucked up in bed. No need to stress about getting your presents under the tree grab your laptop and get comfy.

Something for the naughty one...

You really can't go wrong when it comes to chocolate, and this little cheap treat is sure to put a smile on everybodies face as well as a huge brown smear across their mouth! Chocolate Fountain £20 from IWOOT

For those who are a little snap happy...
Panoramic Camera for iPhone 4/S a snap on gadget for 360 degree shooting, fancy or what!? - £45 from John Lewis

For the hostess...
These mini diffusers are dreamy, they can make the whole house smell delicious for months. After the christmas cooking is all done you'll need something to keep your spirits up £30 from The White Company

Now that is just heaven, for your little angel £23 from NOTHS.

For the globe trotter...
We all have our moments when abroad, for the traveller! £9 from Urban Outfitters 

For the lady...
Get your kitchen queen cooking with this number on.
The perfect housewife £28 from Anthropologie.

For the beach babe...
Always at the beach? pool? For those lucky enough to have the sun or the jet setters out there. Waterproof Case for iPad  £35 from IWOOT

For the little princess in your life...
Lelli Kelly shoes, absolutely adorable, unfortunately they don't do my size but if I got these for christmas they wouldn't come off I'd be wearing them to sleep £45 from Selfridges. 

For those who are often outside...

A zippo handwarmer, popping down the road, playing golf, at a football match or working outside when its nippy! £20 from FireBox.

For the office girl...
A trendy little Ipad Sleeve, she does a great range with laptop cases too - $50 by Kate Spade

For the animal lover...
Everybody loves Boo, the worlds cutest dog, sure to make documenting your days a bit more fun! Boo Calander £10 from Urban Outfitters

For the merry couple...
They sure will be merry, handed over on christmas morning wrapped up with a bottle of whisky, a shared hip-flask Urban Outfitters - £16

For the bath lovers out there...
A cute melting snowman to accompany you in a hot bubble bath, get a few and they send them wrapped beautifully £1.95 each from Lush.

For the student...

Fill this to the brim with nibbles and this emergency food box will definitely be used £9 from IWOOT.

For the busy bee... 
These taxi mitten will always ensure you are quickly picked up  $68 from Kate Spade

For the foodie...
A cute tea towel for all the bakers out there £12.50 from NOTHS 

For the odd one...

We all have those friends who love this type of thing or are adventurous when it comes to food. My preference is sweet chocolate, but salted and mint is good too, for me tabasco just wouldn't do the job. Tabasco Chocolate £5 from Selfridges.

For the organised one...
A classic organiser to neaten the house up, no more lost remotes lost down the side of the couch £12 from IWOOT

For those cute sleepy heads...
Fancy a midday nap? Nobody will disturb you with the adorable mask on £25 from John Lewis .

If they're house proud...
Voodoo Knife Block, no need to worry about any robberies £70 from IWOOT 

If they enjoy a casual scribble...

Classic notebooks with witty sayings all at $10 from Archie Grand.

For the suited and booted ...
A smart travel alarm clock for the guy who has almost everything £22 from The White Company

If they are gorgeous...

A USB and a pen, perfect for a girly girl and glitter bug, can be used everyday the perfect christmas treat £59 from Swaroski

For the joker...
Big pug face T-shirt. They have a whole range of animals but I think this one is definitely my favourite! Especially after seeing the little pugs the other day £20 from Firebox.

For the big kid...
This Cyclops iPad Case is sure to get people looking at you on the tube £20 from FireBox

For the family...
Get personalised with My Monopoly £80 at Monopoly. Choose everything, your own railway names, houses, places to go! Designed however you like.

For the happy hippie...

Something a little quirky and classic, for the optimistic ones. Engraved on the inside reads "the glass is half full", the outside in coloured lettering reads "always look on the bright side" $58 from Kate Spade

 I hope you can all find your perfect gifts with the help of this guide. If you are still stuck with a present idea post a comment and will try help you or if you have any amazing gift ideas please do share!

Happy Shopping! 


  1. Great gift ideas ;)!

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  7. Like Christmas also! Perfect post!
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    lise Kapris

  8. haha how to swear around the world! love it!
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  9. lovely present ideas :)

  10. Ohhh these are so many great and clever gift ideas!! Wouldn't mind having some of them myself!

  11. haha the Voodoo knife block is amazing!! XD!!!... Visit and check my new post

  12. Oh i SO want/need that chocolate fountain!!


  13. Great post! amazing ideas!

  14. you just gave me some nice ideas :D nice post :D!

  15. Great post! Such a good ideas!
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  16. Great gift ideas. It's exciting to go shopping during this Christmas season.

  17. Thank you so much Kelly!bIt's so good to know that some people love your "work".
    Of course I will follow you back. Your blog is amazing :)

  18. There are definitely some gorgeous buys :) I love the kate spade bracelet you picked out.

  19. Aww I love the dog calender and the eye mask! So cute. (:
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  20. So stunning!

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  21. I am seriously so in love with all these gift ideas! There's nothing wrong with being obsessed with Christmas! My favorites are definitely the Cyclops iPad case (crazy but awesome) and the Taxi mittens. It's always tough hailing a cab but those will do the trick! :)


    1. Thank you Jen! So glad you like them!! XX

  22. omg all this products are so creative and unique! love that waterproof ipad case and the angle baby shirt :)

  23. LOVE all these xmas gift ideas =) Amazing post, girl!

    xoxo I can't wait to read more! =)
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  24. love them all!


  25. hey kelly btw. i just love your big smile (in your profil pic) you look stunning!)
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  26. love the camera add-on for the iphone!!

    katie x

  27. loving the ideas! im so in love with the Boo calendar... cutest dog in the world!

  28. Love all these items.
    I'm a big fan of Christmas. I love buying presents for my lovely family and friends.
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  34. Fun and creative gift ideas!

  35. Great gift suggestions, I agree I am a Christmas nut too!

  36. Great stuff!

  37. great ideas! thanks for sharing :)

  38. I love it!! Really great post my dear!, it will help find gifts for Christmas holidays!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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  40. Great ideas!
    I´m a christmas nut too! xD

  41. Kelly Claus! I love it! haha.

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  42. I love Christmas! I actually tried those tabasco chocolates... they're interesting! lol

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  43. I love the chocolate fountain! Thanks for your comment, I'm following you on GFC and Bloglovin', I hope you'll do the same now! ; )


  44. lovely, those are some great gift ideas! I am following you via GFC, come participate in my shopbop $100 giveaway!!!

  45. Fondue, kate spade, flasp,tea towels and gadgets... I'm in. Great post dear

    Maya D


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