Friday, 28 December 2012

Bio Sculpture

My mum has worked from home ever since I can remember, when people used to ask me what she did for a living I would stick out my hands and proudly show them my perfectly painted nails.

As a little girl lady at school she would often just give me a clear quick varnish with topcoat, I always absolutely loved it. But whenever there was a special occasion, I'd patently wait for hours until she finished her last client. As soon as the front door shut I'd jump onto her chair, wiggle my bottom in, huge grin across my face and watch her in ore as she painted away. I'd then spend at least two days showing them to everyone and making sure they didn't bump into me, just to make extra sure they were dry. Nothing to do with loving the attention.

When I turned 15 all my friends started having acrylics, I turned around and asked my mum if I was allowed. She had a shocked, eyes wide open, 'that didn't just come out of your mouth' look on her face.
She went on to tell me that they are awful for your nails and that they don't allow your nails to 'breathe',  her tools came out and she treated me to my first ever Bio Sculpture manicure. More natural, more pretty and your nails don't suffocate.

Since I've been forever painted.
Sometimes covered in glitter, diamonds, multi-coloured, whatever I requested she would always be able to do it.

This Christmas my nails have been a little neglected, as mum's been very busy. I've gone a whole month and been in desperate need so I thought I'd show you a 45 minute transformation.

First is the soak off to get rid of the old gels, gel remover wrapped in tin foil and placed into heated gloves for 10 minutes.

Paris wanted to be pampered too and came to join me and I'm not the only one she does this too.

After 10 minutes they are soft and falling off.

Buffed and filed, I don't like mine too long as I can't stand dirt getting underneath them.

The painting consists of several layers, depending on whether you are having French Manicure (like moi) or a colour it's either 3/4 layers including topcoat.

After each layer you let them set in the machine for 30 seconds, so easy so quick.

The girls were fast asleep within 5 minutes after a busy christmas week.

Et Voila. Merci Mama.
French Manicure at its best.

I highly recommend Bio Sculpture, they last around 3 weeks, they have tons of classic and quirky colours and a lot of your poor nails probably need to be looked after. You can find your nearest Salon online!

Lots of Love


  1. Looks great, but I like to switch my nail color every other all the effort would somewhat not work out....

  2. They look great!


  3. Woah your nails look amazing!! I love a good french manicure =) and your doggys are so so cute.

  4. Lovely nails!
    Love the pics of the dogs :)

    Happy Holidays


  5. looks like a pretty good job! :)

  6. It looks gorgeous!

  7. Nice! I totally love the end results.


  8. hummm it must have felt soooo good! and the result is great!

  9. i don't like them too long too! you have your mother for your nails and I have my mother for my clothes! :*

  10. Very nice, looks so good! And the dogs, are precious!

  11. Gorgeous! I LOVE your bracelet!

  12. they look amazing! oh how I'd love a mother who did this for a living! your dogs are adorable :)


  13. pictures of dogs on the couch are great :)

  14. Your dog is cute !!!!
    YOur nails looks perfect at the end !



  15. Love those nails! Your mum must be so great :D We do the nails here a bit different though but all the same outcome. anyway, I forwarded awards on your blog, here's the link hope you could check it out. :)

  16. I love this post Kelly! Your mom is an artist!

    Happy New Year honey!

    1. Thanks Maya! Glad you like it, Happy New Year to you too

  17. That looks so relaxing!

  18. You are very beautiful!
    Nice blog!
    Good luck :)


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