Sunday, 13 January 2013

Joey's Birthday - STK

Joe is definitely the most difficult person in the entire world to buy presents for. His 21st birthday was on Friday and for weeks on weeks I've been firing potential present ideas at him and in return I'd get a grunt, a shrug and a lot of, 'I have enough, don't worry about it kell'. Honestly.

Eventually I got a few ideas out of him and paraded Selfridges in search of tall men to try on clothes for me. After a lot of strange looks and begging some friendly blokes gave into my plea.

With a busy birthday weekend ahead I was able to have him all to myself for dinner on Thursday night.  

We tried out London's new steakhouse, branched over from across the pond, STK. I was more excited about the fact that I got to dress up and be with my hottie boyfriend then the food. But when it came of course it took the spotlight (sorry Joe!).

We skipped starters, but the sliders looked divine, I often 'pop to the toilet' before I order, as an excuse to check out everyones food, a small confession.

For mains we both went for the steaks, you can't not. Our steaks were amazing, I persuaded Joe to get the cowboy steak and I went for the fillet, both USA, but if you're feeling a little patriotic they do offer English steaks too. The STK sauce was my favourite steak sauce ever! I can't even explain it, just go and try it.

STK London

Sides make a good steakhouse. Huge yorkshire pudding smothered in a thick, rich gravy managed to beat Toby Carvery.

Truffle chips, honey buttered carrots, spinach and mac 'n' cheese are all currently making my tummy rumble.

Dessert is my favourite course, I had planned on getting three. A bit piggy I know, but with little space left for dessert, if any at all, we asked our waitress for a recommendation and went for the mini-magnums. Sadly a mistake, for me, but Joe enjoyed them and that's what really mattered. But, whilst we were leaving I saw their dessert, 'A Taste of the Fairground' and was close to tears. It came on a little mini ferris wheel, with doughnuts, popcorn, toffee apples, candyfloss and marshmellows. That guaranteed my return.

A groaningly good meal.

STK London

The decor is elegant and trendy, the hotel it's situated in the ME hotel is absolutely beautiful you have to have a walk through! It was buzzy and I wiggled along to the music whilst we ate, a great meal to go with a group and for a date.

I would definitely recommend a visit, apparently it's quite hard to get a reservation but I sent a nice, friendly email and they were more than happy to have us. I've also read a few poor reviews on the service as they have just opened but we were served by a lovely chirpy lady, trying her very best and had no problems.

The Strand,
Greater London,
0207 395 3450


  1. Nice dinner, and happy BDAY to joey

  2. Delicious food!!! Love your jacket!!!

  3. That food looks delicious - and what a gorgeous couple! :)

  4. Happy birthday to him ,
    great day am sure !!


  5. Happy birthday to him!
    The food looks delicious :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  6. Hey dear
    i just love your blog *---*
    I'm following you now *--*

    have a nice week


  7. Looks like such an amazing meal! Slightly jealous :P

  8. That steak is huge!!! The macaroni looks delicious! It looks like you had a great evening!

    xx Kelly

  9. the food seems delicious! and you look beautiful :)

    love, annick from

  10. Υοu look great! :*

  11. My GOD that steak looks amaaaaaaaze!


  12. i love your beautifull hair <3

    great blog ! Would you like to follow each other ?

  13. Ooh that food looks and sounds gorgeous, I hope he had a nice birthday? I have been checking out your blog (after your comment on mine) and I really like it, we are very similar in our tastes and outlook. I am now following if you would like to follow me? :)

    Janine xx


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