Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer in NYC

Central park is a complete retreat from the noisy avenues of Manhattan. Many people who visit the city don't go or explore the parks full potential. It's as big as it is beautiful.

My mum came to visit a few weeks ago and it was the one place I couldn't wait to take her. She's been to New York before and hadn't stepped foot in the park.

We entered at 77th street East where stands many horses and carriages. Thinking the horse ride would be a pretty penny we were close to jumping on, before my mum asked and was told $80 for 10 minutes - oh the price issues of the city (beware).

However, walking is utterly stunning.

We strolled round the park over bridges and past fountains and lakes. Although there are thousands of people in the park a day there are definitely nooks and crannies and you can find a romantic hideaway (look for the big rocks).

And through the trees.

Until we came to Bethesda Arcade to reenact the gossip girl finale with Chuck and Blair. It really is breathtaking and constantly filled with song as musicians perform music that echoes as it bounces off the tiles.

We stopped for brunch at Loeb Boathouse - situated right at the edge of the lake.

Mum ordered an omelette which wasn't great, so I shared with her sympathetically - I guess I was brought up well. Chollah French Toast with caremelized bananas and berries. The sweet breakfasts are definitely better then the savoury over here, they don't do a Full English like the English!

Right outside the boathouse sits an array of little wooden boats, we hopped on and attempted to row round the lake.

Catching a few ways and giggling as we attempted to use the oars before giving up. I went on a sailing trip quite a few years ago in France and I was in the water more then on the boat so I have no hope!

Before heading off shopping and for linner we wondered across to the conservatory. I stumbled across the pond on my first day and shrieked when I realised it was in Stuart Little.

We had a wonderful day, laughed non-stop, skipped and held hands. I think people thought we were crazy at first.

After soaking eachother and having a water fight - ish we were both begging to be drenched. I think my mum felt like a kid again. So cheers, to being forever young.


  1. fabolous pics dear...look that you enjoied it
    happy day

    The simple life of rich people BLOG

  2. What beautiful pictures! Central Park is just amazing. Looks like you're having a fantastic time!

  3. Your Mom is so cool :)
    And Central Park seems to be exactly like in the movies. Have to get there one day...

    :*, Nina

  4. amazing! I would love to go to NYC


  5. Aww I miss New York now!!

    xo, Karen | sugarthesky.blogspot.com
    twitter: @sugarthesky

  6. The boat house is amazing and it looks like you had a great day in Central Park!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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