Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Highline & Chelsea Market

Downtown Manhattan is a real treasure, packed full of little gems. I worked in Soho and everyday I'd find a new restaurant or boutique and fall in love. Greenwich village has the best breakfast spots and cafes, the East Village the quirkiest shops, Tribeca is just so cute and cobbley whilst Wall Street couldn't be more like in the movies. I love all the little areas but my heart lies with Chelsea.

Soooo, I couldn't let these stations go by...

First Stop: The Highline

The Highline is a converted railway, which over the years has become a scenic walkway, popular among tourists and locals. With beautiful and immaculately kept public seating, vibrant greenery and a smattering of cute pop up eateries, making it one of my favourite places in NY!

The Highline will also spoil you with its public art, railway track remnants and number of spots to read and sunbathe. It extends from 14th to 30th (between 10th and 11th ave.) In it's entirety it is completely different to anything I have ever experienced.

Mum and I wandered along the Highline in the late afternoon, splashed our feet in the fresh flow of running water (I'd keep your sandals on though verukas!)

Although the food trucks on the Highline are great, the real treats lies just below (at 15th and 10th ave).


Chelsea Market is an enclosed food concourse. Packed full of every gourmet food you could ever think of and every type of cuisine. Go hungry and leave bursting. A huge fresh fish shop serving every type of sashimi and the hugest lobsters you have ever seen. Amy's Bread which I'm convinced is an Italian import as well as some weird bizarre treats, you have to be adventurous - try the chocolate fried ravioli from the big fresh pasta shop and some crazy vegan sushi.

The jams, chutneys and homemade sauces are delicious and it's the easiest place to find a few gifts that don't have NYC plastered all over them, even if they are for yourself!

And if your just fancying a browse It's great to walk around with the urban, rustic decor and a definite feeling of history going on.

And don't leave without throwing a penny into the wishing well!


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  15. I did this last weekend and loved it too!!


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