Saturday, 21 September 2013

Arriving in Bali - Seminyak Part 1

After 18 hours of travelling which included a changeover in Kuala Lumpa, using eachother as pillows, too much plane food, sneaking into first class and fuelling our addiction to candy crush, we arrived in Denpassar, Bali.

In my opinion nothing adequately prepares you for the culture shock experienced upon exiting the airport. After getting our visas and being hassled in Bali's answer to the red light district (multiple currency exchange windows), we headed to the taxi rank.

Following an instant wave of intense heat we were greeted by hundreds of taxi drivers who smelt tourist and tried to win our business. After a couple of outrageous and varying quotes we found the official stand. We were taken to a car park with hundreds of little navy blue taxis and after a 45 minute journey (costing £5!) we eventually arrived at the Berry Amour Villas. Greeted with traditional bows and into absolute tranquility.

After a quick introduction, we were shown to our villa. 

Waiting for us was a selection of local fruit and a short video that included a picture of Joe's house from google earth!

After a welcoming Balinese foot bath we bombed into the pool before retiring to the jacuzzi.

The hours flew by and having not had a proper meal for almost 24 hours we headed straight into the town for a small adventure to explore our new temporary surroundings. We spent our first night at a  restaurant called Chandi.

I ordered a selection of tasty skewers whilst Joe opted for the Duck Betutu Tasting (very adventurous for him) - slow cooked duck, minced duck on sugar cane,  salted duck egg, steamed coconut and yellow rice and melinjo crackers.


Fresh Asian food with a distinguished modern flair.

Too full for dessert, we waklled around the local shops, most of which tended to be very westernised upmarket boutiques. Prices were just above UK high street stores with an amazing selection of cute summer clothes that sadly won't suit the current English weather.

 We popped into a little, new gelato place our driver had pointed out. Owned by a lovely oz couple who asked us to sample some new flavours. Thumbs up from me!

After our first day in Seminyak, the journey half way across the world already seemed was distant memory. Service like no other, the most incredible villa and a unique sense of calm started off our trip.


  1. your villa looks so amazing!!
    so many people here in aust go on summer holidays to either bali or phuket


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