Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Seminyak - Part Two

At 9 o'clock in the morning the phone rang and breakfast was on the way. The crisp white sheets and comfy bed made it hard to leave but bright blue skies and a feast got us on our feet.

We shared banana pancakes, french toast, a full english (minus the bacon crisps) and even mie goreng - a traditional indonesian noodle dish topped with a fried egg.

After breakfast we headed to the hotel spa for our complimentary massages, which we were able to extend to 30 minutes for 50,000rupiah (£3.50) - amazing cheap massages are definitely one of my top 3 reasons to move to Asia.

After choosing our oils we were taken into a little room full of fairy lights.

Clicked, oiled and relaxed we headed into Seminyak Square. The hotels in Seminyak are out of this world, I've never seen anything like them. We hotel hopped looking at their pools, restaurants and beautiful grounds before settling down at Ku De Ta beach bar.

It's the best place in Seminyak to spend the day, the beds are huge and not on top of eachother, the food is delicious and there's no minimum spend. So we ate, sunbathed and played a few games of cards before hitting the boutiques and local market to spend. The road of no return.

A quick turn around in the villa and back out to Keroboken, a buzzy joint called MAMA san. To start we went for the tender roasted peking duck with steamed choysum. I'm not a huge duck fan, Joe absolutely loves it and has it at every possible opportunity. Out here they cook it so well that I'm slowly coming around.

Soft beef and bamboo dumplings with chili and hot bean sauce.

Followed by spicy chow ming noodle with duck

Stir fried asian greens - a classic

and a chicken egg net salad with caramel, coconut, beansprouts and peanuts, which was sadly a little too spicy for me.

I didn't finish it and after telling our friendly waiter why, he brought me this - ice cold cucumber with yoghurt, which did the trick!

Brick walls lit up and a huge wine vault.

Next up... deep fried icecream with nutella

 and a mango, lychee and pandan trifle which was full of exotic flavour and my favourite

You definitely need to book! I'd say it's one of Seminyaks most popular restaurants, a compromise between 'fine dining' and the local warungs that bali offers.

Yet another perfect day in paradise


  1. Everything looks so delish! I've been yelling at everyone that I know for months now that I want to travel to Bali! Maybe even spend a few months.

    Enjoy yourself darling! I'm looking forward to more of your posts and photos.


  2. Wow everything looks so delicious and beautiful!

  3. Looks verry nice!



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