Friday, 1 May 2015

Travelling the World

I've been travelling for three months now. I always planned to blog about all the wonderful places and crazy people along the way but, without a computer on hand it, never transpired. I have also been so caught up in millions of moments and continuously fascinated.

Anyway, I'm in my last continent and, in South America as we are travelling on ground on 20+ hour buses, I have no excuse and lots of time to scribble down as much as possible.

So first i'll quickly just summarise the places I've been. Oh and, I'm extremely lucky to be travelling with my life long best friend, partner in crime and now very much scarily synced, sister I never had, Rishana.

First stop was where we both have our heritage, South Africa. Both our parents are South African, we have family there and we decided to visit for a week. More of a holiday and the most perfect start. Spoilt rotten with amazing food, wine, adorable penguins, lions and the greatest family company.

We then jetted another 12 hours away from home to Australia. Sun, sea, a few too many 18 year olds going wild. Long white sandy beaches that blow your mind away. We started our trip in Sydney, saw One Direction live (with Zayn - although he was a moody git on stage) and drove up the East Coast in a little white micra.Visiting Fraser Island and sailing the Great Barrier Reef.

We spent the next month of March in New Zealand, exploring the North and South Island. With no warm clothes in our enormous not very backpacker suitcases, it was not as anticipated. Yet it was perhaps the most diverse, picturesque and intriguing country so far. Landscapes ranging from crystal clear lakes to crazy glaciers. Whilst it is the adventure capital of the world, the scariest thing I did was ride a horse. Think I'm up there with being the most sensible traveller ever (My reasoning, I love my life and my limbs).

We decided we then needed a honeymoon (after all the stress we have been going through) and being that far away from home --> Fiji. I just can't put it into words, and I'm writing a lot, so here... (I'm sure you'd all prefer to see what heaven looks like.)

We then went to Vegas and road tripped around California from LA to San Fran stopping in Santa Barbara, Solvang and Carmel.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Los Angeles

Above: Urth Cafe

All hale Los Angeles

Below: Grove @ night

Shopping on Robertson (LA style) 

The Hammer Museum

Nobu Malibu

Cut Steakhouse

Breakfast @ Culina :P

Strolling Abbot Kinney  & Venice Beach

Just a pretty hotel lobby

Jetlag problems

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes @ Gjelina - Abbot Kinney

And delightful treats everywhere

Mexico - Playa Del Carmen

Christmas in Mexico.

Below - Christmas Day

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ubud Part Two


Gili Aire & Meno

Long time no blog. This was saved as a draft and I'm having a little nostalgia.

We stayed in Gili Aire - Scallywags resort. Most people stay on Gili T - there's definitely more going on here but Gili A has a romantic, serenity about it that I fell in love with.

Once we got off the boat we were at our hotel in a hop, skip and a trot.

The beaches were out of this world, crystal clear waters.

Tiny little restuarants with killer BBQ food.

I'd highly recommend a trip to Gili Meno, the smallest island. Particularly to donate and release their turtles homed in the sanctuary.

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