About Me

Hello! My name is Kelly, I’m 20 years old and from a little village in Hertfordshire just outside of London. I’m currently studying at university in Birmingham where I have lots of my unbelievable friends and my gorgeous boyfriend, Joe. I love taking pictures, baking, fashion, travelling and visiting  new places!

I started this blog to gather things I love and document my days and memories, it’s already grown to be much more than that. I want to enhance peoples lives and give people ideas and things to look forward to!

I believe in making the most out of life. A smile and kind words can make someones day. I live in a little bubble most of the time, but I believe with a positive outlook you are more susceptible to the unbelievable things the world has to offer.

I’ve started this blog young and I hope to carry it on for a long time, I hope you can enjoy it with me!!

any questions please send to contact@kellyjade.co.uk


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