Friday, 31 August 2012

Koh Phangnan - Thailand

Koh Phangnan

Our last week had come, and time for the Full Moon!!
Every day for a week up until the Full Moon is a party, we spent the week going out at 1am, drinking on the beach, watching sunrise, coming back at 8am for a kings breakfast, sleeping through the day and repeat! But when we were up, the beaches were all ours... 

Thailand Tips & FAQ

Food: Don’t eat the meat from the side of the road!!! It seems obvious but the chicken spring rolls for 20p when drunk are sometimes too good to resist. Eat… you die!

££££: People often ask how much it costs – 4 weeks cost me £1500 with flights. Accomodation is around 7/8 pounds a night, but we stayed in relatively nice places. Dinner can go from £2 for thai food to £5 for steak/fish/chicken. Clothes are very cheap!!

Beware of TukTuks, these are little motorised bicycle carriers! They try rip you off!! We fell for it :-(!! Try get cabs on the meter!! 

Phuket - We only dropped into Phuket over night on our way to Phi Phi, but general travelling rumour is that it isn't a great city but has amazing resorts!

Krabee - We also stopped off at Krabee for two nights, we stayed in 5* luxury for £8 a night, it's a bigger more empty island but is amazing for nice food, spas and lovely resorts! Cheap as chips!

Phi Phi Islands - Thailand

Phi Phi Islands

My favourite part of Thailand, Koh Phi Phi. The most perfect little island in the world, white sand, clear blue sea and everybody smiles. What more could you ask for!
The island is tiny, there are no cars, and only a couple of places to stay, eat and drink.
It is the ultimate place to chill by day, with a few cocktails by the pool, and party by night, in the bars and on the beach. It was our little haven and I will definitely be returning!

We took a little boat out where we visited isolated coves, monkey island and maya bay (from The Beach) as well as doing a little bit of snorkelling and diving off the boat!

And by night...

Well I attempted to thai box my best friend for free alcohol! 
We stayed in Phi Phi Princess (or Charlie) in Phi Phi, which I would recommend and was around £9 a night, it has a great pool with a great vibe, but the island is so little anywhere you stay will be central!

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Chiang Mai

After an amazing time in Bangkok, we headed up north by night train (not too bad) to Chang Mai where we stayed in SK House 2, for 4 pounds a night! Friendly staff, pool and nice rooms!

Chiang Mai is where all the activities are, we got stuck right in…

Cooking School - Chef Kelly!!! We opted for the half day course and cooked 5 dishes including pad thai, curry, spring rolls, chicken fried rice and sweet and sour veg, whilst also receiving a cute little cook book. We ate way too much and spent the rest of the day in a food coma unable to move! We had a hilarious time, some epic failures and resigned realising we were never going to be professional chefs!

Long Neck Tribe & White Temple - We did a day adventure to Chang Rai, a small, pretty village nearby. We stopped off and visited the most beautiful, pristine temples! Felt like I was actually in heaven, or Disneyland! 

We had a little wonder, and left our names with a note on a tree of wishes!!

We then went to visit the long neck tribe!! They lived in little huts and had created a close community and as tradition wore gold neck braces!! The children were adorable and all so accomodating!

I fell in love with this little girl!
Chang Mai Zoo

I am obsessed with animals, I want to touch them, feed them, play with them. I’m the one who will run up to your dog in the street asking questions and pestering you on your peaceful walk. My main reason I wanted to go to Thailand was for the animals. The zoo was my heaven! I’ve been to London zoo and Zoo’s all across the world, it’s the first thing I look up when my parents tell me we are going away, the local zoo. No zoo tops Chang Mai Zoo. The pictures say it all… London zoo needs to relax and let me touch the animals!

Entrance to the zoo was 2 pounds but you had to pay around 40p at each cage for food to feed the animals! My biggest recommendation!!! They are very friendly and have Pandas too!

The Tigers - We decided to see the baby tigers although there are also large tigers you can see, but they are triple the size of me and we preferred the babies! I was scared they would be sedated as had heard mixed comments, but they were as lively as ever, play fighting with each other and just being insanely cute! If I could have I would've kidnapped one!

Elephant Trek & Bamboo Rafting

This was another day trip we did, they can all be organised at tourist agencies, which are more common then newsagents out there! They come pick you up bright and early form your hotel and whisk you around doing exciting things! We did the one day trek, but a three day trek is available where you stay in little bamboo huts over night! Don't forget the mozzy spray!

Elephants are extremely loveable!!

Chiang Mai also had great weekend and night markets that we visited most days!! I spent a lot on this 'shmutter'! Its all so cute and quirky and for nothing, I could never say no! There's also a shopping centre which is nice! We went to an intimate little restaurant called hot chilli (It wasn't spicy food), where you sat on little swings to eat, lovely decor and a bit quirky! If you're planning on going to Chiang Mai, don't miss this little gem!

Bangkok - Thailand


Summer was soon approaching and being an unorganised student nothing was planned. University has the benefit of receiving a 4 month summer (arguably three years of summer). No plans and knowing I’d want to murder my parents if I stayed at home for the whole duration, and with being on a budget I decided to venture out into the Far east.

A few people I knew had been to Thailand and after hearing amazing reviews, and seeing they had come back safe, alive and with a bunch of good stories and experiences I and two friends decided to book a last minute trip across the globe, embarking on a voyage – sounds adventurous and daunting I know!

We decided to split Thailand into North and South, with Bangkok the capital being in the middle. We flew to Bangkok and stayed in the backpacker area of Koh San Road, in my first ever hostel - D&D inn.


On arrival, overwhelmed is an understatement. We arrived at night, a street full of hustling locals offering you drinks, visits to ping pong shows, an array of street food (including fried insects) and ladyboys whilst bright lights and loud music came from a huge strip of bars rammed with tourists. We dropped our backpacks, and headed out onto the street to drink from buckets and party till the early hours of the morning.

D&D inn is a great location and top rated hostel for any body travelling to Bangkok. We stayed in Bangkok for 3 days, it's the most 'bright lights, big city' sort of place in Thailand, there are unbelievable experiences to be had there but we had just about out done our welcome when we left.

Sky Bar - From The Hangover 2 overlooking the whole of Bangkok. Great for dinner, or just a chilled cocktail! It's insanely high and in a magnificent hotel, my ears even popped in the lift on the way up!

Floating Market – A market on water, you jump on a little boat and sail past stalls and other boats selling beautiful hand made ornaments, delicious fruit and cute little souvenirs. 

 I tried delicious, exotic fruit in Thailand, but becareful about having a bad tummy!
The Temples – one of my favourite things about Thailand is the tons of perfectly designed, vibrant and exquisite temples. The Grand Palace is the main temple in Bangkok, this is where the King lives, but most of the smaller ones are just as fascinating and you don't need to pay entry for them! 

Our failed attempt to be buddahs

Condoms and Cabbages - Restaurant promoting safe sex. Based in Sukhumvit round the corner from the Sheraton (to tell tuktuks). Not only a very cool, interesting restaurant all cutely decorated in fairy lights but it also served thai food that was amazing and reasonable!! (around 4 pounds maximum for a main meal). 

MBK - You cannot go to Bangkok without paying a visit to MBK, 7 floors of copies. The thai are genius, you’d expect copy bags, purses, keyrings. But they’ve copied ipads, cameras, blackberrys, clothes, shoes. You name it they have it. Even if you don’t want anything visit for the experience! I went on the last day and filled my little backpack to the brim! TIP: BARTER!! You can normally get at least half the price they first offer you!

So our first few days were over, had been jam-packed, seen a bit of sun and were loving every minute!

Welcoming myself to the blogging world!

Dear the big wide world,

I’ve been pondering upon whether to write a blog for a while. I read hundreds of posts every week, I scower the internet for interesting things to do and am infatuated by so many things! Mine’s not that interesting so I decided to make it fun, and also decided to do this as I hate being bored! I want to visit amazing resturants and galleries, cook beautifully presented food and go to quirky places. Currently / for the last year I've ventured out into the world but for the last 18 years of my life I have commonly stuck to my chain, local resturants, I will always love a good old carvery at toby, and my classic leggera from pizza express not to mention nandos. So my blog is to explore, the world, myself and document it! I have picked up so many ideas from blogs and hope I can give others ideas too!

So hello all!!! I hope you enjoy my blog, I’d love constructive criticism and feedback. What do you want me to write about?? I’m a student and have hours on my hands!


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