Thursday, 27 September 2012

DIY - Sweet Tree

My guilty pleasure.

I have a huge, uncontrollable sweet tooth.

Nothing makes me happier then a giant bag of sweets. I know every place in Birmingham and London that sell good sweets and pick 'n' mix and everytime I enter these little shops I jump with joy and get overly excited. Yupp, still a child.

I've seen sweet trees before being sold for £60 in little quirky cafes and still have considered buying them - but only to know they wouldn't last for more then 5 minutes in my bedroom. However, I set about making them as they are the cutest presents, and can be made cheaply as well as being extra sweet.

So, to make these heavenly gifts (/for yourself) you will need:
Sweets (alot) - of your choice
Toothpicks (I used around 100 for a 12cm diameter ball)
A polystyrene or styrofome ball 12cm - purchased from John Lewis, Hobby Craft or Online
A plant pot, vase or cup
Plaster of paris
A chopstick 
A good friend to chat away the time to! - I sat with my flatmate cross legged on my bedroom floor and it was done in no time!

You can use any sweets, haribos, lollypops, even chocolate, rolos and munchies! You can also make it nicer by buying a proper plant pot.

1. Fill your little cup with plaster of paris, not to the brim but close enough as some sweets will go on the very top for decoration. After a few seconds push your chopstick through and hold for a few minutes until hardened and secure.

2. Push your sweets onto the tip of the toothpicks and start placing the toothpicks around the ball until no gaps are seen.

It's too easy.

And eat...

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Break Up Remedy

One of my beautiful best friends has just split up with her boyfriend.

It's always very sad, end of an era, but she's the best so we know she will be perfectly fine. As soon as we found out (late at night whilst in bed in our pjs), we set out on adventure to cheer her up.

We grabbed our eggs, black hoodies and headed to his flat.

Nooo we aren't hooligans! Just to Sainsburys to get all the necessary goodies needed...

We go weekly late at night in our pj's so they aren't shocked anymore.


I even planned on offering her Shecky (in the picture) my favourite teddy, but last minute decided I would have a sad night without him if I did!

She cried when we gave it to her.

Nobody knows how to mend a broken heart better than the girls.

P.S. I now have a hot single friend, I have high standards for her though - only the best.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Easiest, Best Comfort Food

After a tiring Freshers week a much needed girls night in was in order. It's chilly outside (and inside in our little student house) so we sat all snuggled up on the sofa with our cosy duvets, having girly chats and realised something was missing.

This was missing.

Impatient, shattered and lazy with empty student cupboards, what were we to do!?

First came the Brownies, the ultimate quick, easy and delicious recipe.

Goey, Crunchy & Chocolatey 

It's nearly too good to be true.
It's a bit of a cheat though... a fool proof recipe.

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C/350°F and line your tray with parchment or rub a little bit of butter all over. 
2. Mix together your Betty Crocker mixture, 1 egg, 75ml of water and 30ml of vegtable oil. Blend together, until all the brownie mixture has been compounded and your left with a lumpy but moist mixture.

3. Add one pack of Munchies & white chocolate chips! (or milk buttons)

4. Spread the mixture evenly onto your baking tray - around one inch thick.

5. Place in the oven for around 20 minutes. We were so desperate we were checking on them every minute! We wanted ours a bit squidgy, literally melt in your mouth. But if you want them slightly harder, leave them for around 25 minutes. They will harden slightly when they cool too.


Leave them for around 30 minutes to cool, but ours were gone in 5!

Fudgy and crumbly. They are infintely customisable, just chuck anything in, caramel, oreos, mint, peanut butter, marshmellows! Get innovative! The Munchies made them extra soft with a little crunch so were my favourite ever Brownies!

Serve from the oven, with ice-cream or a big glass of cold milk! 

Next up buttery, sweet, chewy... just perfect cookies...

10 minutes in the oven, 75ml of water, chop your Milky Way up and add your extra chocolate chips!!

And out they come.
Drum roll.

The Milky Way bars meant they were soft, chewy and slightly marshmellowy!

Still home-made, fresh and easy peasy!
Always my favourite nights, girly chats, chick flicks and naughty nibbles!
There will be plenty more of where this came form.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Daddy, it's time for a new pet!

I have three sisters, they are insane! The craziest girls ever, they lick walls, sit in strange positions and all have huge personalities...

Meet, coco, chanel and paris!!

And I wouldn't change them for the world!
Coco is 9, she's old and wise

Chanel is the scaredy cat, shy and timid!

Last but not least, Paris, the wild rebelious one, cheeky and naughty.

They are my family, but I feel it's time to extend!! We begged for Paris and my dad finally gave in, So I've been looking... (and practicing my own puppy dog eyes)...

What do you all think?!? ...
Do I have any hope??


Cummon... one more!
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