Monday, 29 July 2013

Cape Cod

Being in New York away from all my girls gets lonely. Seeing pictures of them out together makes me want to cry (and edit myself into the photos). This weekend I popped over to Massachusetts to see one of my girls, Hannah, who has been working in Boston.

I was beyond excited and after a quick takeaway on my arrival we headed to Cape Cod - the coastline of the state. It was dark when we arrived and after stopping for some ice cream we loaded our bags into the beach house and snuggled into bed catching up on the weeks lost without each other and eventually dozed off.

We awoke to sunlight and birds chirping, and I can honestly say it was the best wake up I've had all summer. As for the past 6 weeks the sirens and taxis of New York have replaced my alarm. A definite epiphany, the city is not for me.

We spent the morning at the local shops in Falmouth - Mashpee commons, wondering around looking for presents and eating sweets. The architecture is beautiful, panelled pastel boxed stores filled with boutique gifts and clothing.

By midday the sun was shining brightly and the sea calling our names, so we dashed back to put our swim suits on.

I've decided where I'd like to retire.

We drove around the little islands of the Cape.

 Got involved in a bit of tubing and docked near an island to swim to shore.

After detangling our new dreadlocks from the winds, and getting the sand out of our suits we headed to Barnstable County Fair.
Everything I envisaged an American county fair to be (minus the Bengal tigers).

We checked out all the activities, found the animals, spun ourselves round on the rides and gorged ourselves with food before we headed off to see Die Fledermaus in the local theatre, which was sensational!

Amazing to be reunited and the cutest trip to Massachusetts.

And I was just asked for outfit details: My dress from Brandy Melville (similar), Boots - Boutique. Rest will come soon!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dominique Ansel - THE Cronut

On my first day of work in !!!New York!!! I got to Soho extremely early mainly due to the horrendous jet lag that everyone warned me about (and I didn't truly believe) and because I'm a little explorer. So at 7am I was wandering Soho.

It was completely empty but I browsed the streets, window shopping, noting down boutiques and cafes as I started my, 'Places To Go List'. After an hour of only seeing cleaners and those workaholics who really need to take their holiday, I saw a queue of around 100 people standing outside a tiny shop. Being nosy I soon found out many had been waiting since 5am for a Cronut.

A Cronut: Half croissant, half doughnut, filled with cream and smothered with a lemony sort of icing.

People have been calling them 'a masterpiece' they were launched in May and there are still huge queues as they take 3 days to make and the bakery only sell 200 a day. A real craze.
There are even rules and regulations whilst waiting in the line. As well as 'Fake Cronuts' and 'Dossants' and hustlers selling Cronuts on Craigslist for extortionate amounts of money.

Baffled and amused Julia, Tamar and I decided to make an adventure of it and head over before work one day.

We were around the 80th in line at 7.40am. :-|
I started to question my sanity. 

At around 9.15am we made it inside... so close but so far..

Backpacks and water bottles for a real adventure!

STARVING you get to watch the chefs to do their thing and be teased with dreamy smells.

Eventually we made it and snagged one of the last few Cronuts before hearing a few angry rants and disappointed voices behind us. The buzz soon disappeared and emptied out as we made our way to the little garden out back. It seemed everyone had whisked off to work - Cronuts on the go. 

'The Masterpiece'.

Sadly VERY overrated. A little too creamy, a little too hard and a little too much lemon.
It looks much better then it tastes. It was good - that's as far as it goes.

We also had yoghurt parfait and the DKA.
The DKA was 10x better then the Cronut in my opinion. A doughy flaky croissant with caramel and bits of apple.

So, if your suffering from jet lag and fancy a little adventure it's definitely an experience. Otherwise it's a great bakery so you can pop in throughout the day and order the other delicious goodies they have to offer!
Don't worry everyone out there, you're not missing out on too much.

Krispy Kreme are just as good
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